Introducing the New Bear 360

Bear Aircraft LLC is proud to introduce their new all metal, high-performance, 360 HP radial M-14P powered, tandem seating, Warbird styled, Bear 360 aircraft.

Created by the American-Russian international design team that includes Russia’s most prestigious aircraft designer, Sergey Yakovlev, and America’s most experienced combat fighter pilot and world champion air racer, Skip Holm, the Bear 360 represents an exciting breakthrough in high performance aircraft design and manufacture.

The Bear 360 is a high performance two seat all metal low wing monoplane reminiscent of classic World War II aircraft like the Bearcat, Hellcat, Yak and other radial powered aircraft of this era, with a blistering 210 knot cross country performance* (based on the 420 hp optional M14PF), exemplary aerobatic capability and excellent formation handling characteristics.

The United States and Russia represented by two of the most formidable aircraft manufacturers of our age, joined forces to collaborate on the design and manufacture of this outstanding sport aircraft, the Bear 360.

Sergey Yakovlev, through his experience and Russian heritage with the famous Yakovlev Design Bureau, developed the Bear 360 in the tradition of military specifications, quality design and a historical set of standards. Sergey Yakovlev, chief designer of the Yakovlev-Bear design team, designed the Bear 360 to meet stringent FAR Part 23 requirements as well as full Russian Military Specifications. Furthermore, with over 1,000 hours of wind tunnel and load testing to destruction, the Bear 360 has also undergone extensive flight-testing to US military standards in the expert hands of test pilot Skip Holm. With this dossier, the Bear 360 has been issued FAA approval.

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